Three videos to help you through the day.
Plus two weeks of Pete Wells, indigenous food in Chicago, and birria week in Los Angeles
Plus I find my looper, best of Boston, and tacos in Greenpoint.
Plus stories from the front line of food service, a great profile of Chicago's first restaurant critic, and Pete Wells loves New York, New York.
Plus the future of fine dining, Ryan Sutton twists the knife in Eleven Madison Park, and fake meat in California.
Plus pozole in Chicago, the best tortilla in Los Angeles, and an absolutely cursed tweet.
Plus ranking mustard, a history of the Chinese-food takeout container, and a fancy Cheeto in Chicago.
Plus a critical Snack Cart call to action, the Carbonara police, and a very specific Los Angeles meme that I can't stop giggling at.
Plus an oyster trail in Maine, noodles and grief in Boston, and tacos in Disneyland
Eater has decided to drop the star system from their reviews. Critic Ryan Sutton writes a long essay explaining what led them to drop this restaurant c…
Snack Cart publication was already trailing off pre-pandemic and at a certain point it felt like a bit too much (some readers know that my job is at Ne…
It's been a while! If you're a long-time subscriber or only just joined us after Snack Cart was featured alongside other food newsletters in TASTE, how…